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Integrated image reconstruction workflow for Analogic detectors


Briona Pegasus enables customer segmentation, faster time to market, optimized performance, minimal R&D development, and minimal SW maintenance.​  Briona Pegasus is  customized and optimized for the breast imaging detectors by Analogic.

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Key Features

  • Fully integrated image processing and reconstruction workflow
  • 3D tomosynthesis slices reconstructed parallel to detector plane in real-time
  • Selectable preview of 3D slices
  • Customized and optimized for Analogic detectors
  • Fully integrated with Analogic's Pegasus software API
  • Clinical-grade 2D images with minimal usage of acquistion workstation resources
  • 2D Image Processing, 3D Slice Reconstruction and Volume Imaging

Minimum Requirements


  • Windows 7 and 10, 64-bit

  • Recommended NVIDIA Graphic Processor Unit (GPU)

  • Briona Configuration File (BCF), created by RTT

  • USB registration key with valid license options

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