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Advanced Features

Optimal Image Quality with State-of-the-Art Reconstruction Techniques

Metal Artifact Reduction (MAR)

Our proprietary Metal Artifact Reduction (MAR) algorithm mitigates artifacts caused by  highly-attentuating objects, such as metal wires, clips and microcalcifcations.

Left: A digital x-ray image of a tissue specimen with a metal wire and marker without MAR applied.   The dark shadows around the wires and markers are distracting and make diagnosis more challenging. 

Right:  The same image with MAR applied removes the dark shadows and improves the tissue contrast.

Left: A tomosynthesis image with a large calcification surrounded by fiberglandular tissue.  The dark shadows around the  calcification can be distracting to the reviewer and make diagnosis more challenging. 

Right:  The same tomosynthesis Image with MAR applied removes the dark shadows around the calcification.

Image Tuner

This new feature allows the calling application to adjust the processed images to better suit the preferences of the user or clinic.

Left: A digital mammogram processed with Briona.

Right:  The same image with additional post-processing using the Tuner functions.

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