Advanced Features

Optimal Image Quality with State-of-the-Art Reconstruction Techniques

Metal Artifact Reduction (MAR)

Our proprietary Metal Artifact Reduction (MAR) algorithm mitigates artifacts caused by  highly-attentuating objects, such as metal wires, clips and microcalcifcations.

Left: A digital x-ray image of a tissue specimen with a metal wire and marker without MAR applied.   The dark shadows around the wires and markers are distracting and make diagnosis more challenging. 

Right:  The same image with MAR applied removes the dark shadows and improves the tissue contrast.

Left: A tomosynthesis image with a large calcification surrounded by fiberglandular tissue.  The dark shadows around the  calcification can be distracting to the reviewer and make diagnosis more challenging. 


Right:  The same tomosynthesis Image with MAR applied removes the dark shadows around the calcification.

Volume Image 

Our Volume  Image uses the tomosynthesis data to visual the entire breast