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Adara is a high-performance image processing software library that improves the visibility and quality of digital images without the introduction of artifacts.  

Adara is software independent of the acquisition system and can process image data from a variety of x-ray systems.  

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Adara Features

Superior image quality

Minimal image delay

Tissue contrast enhancement

​Edge enhancement

Thickness equalization

Advanced noise suppresson

Artifact reduction

Enhancement of fine structures

Intuitive boundary detection & segmentation

Optimized image contrast enhancement

Advanced dynamic range scaling

GPU-accelerated performance

Adara Features

Adara Software Development Kit

Fast, flexible and easy-to-integrate into new and existing applications, the Adara Software Development Kit (SDK) facilitates rapid product development.  It can be used alone or in concert with OEM pre- and/or post-processing.  
The Adara SDK includes an Adara Configuration File (ACF) with customized Image Looks, USB licenses, a fully-specified API documentation, a sample program and technical support.     






Minimum Requirements


  • Windows 10, 64-bit

  • Recommended NVIDIA Graphic Processor Unit

  • Adara Configuration File, created by RTT

  • USB registration key with valid license options

Image Looks

An Image Look is a selection of Adara parameter settings. Adara supports multiple image looks that can be changed dynamically for different image types and user preferences.  Image looks can be adjusted for different contrasts, to mimic competitor images, or to match legacy processing as your system evolves.  Customized image looks can give your product competitive differentiation in the market.

Above: The same mammogram was processed using the Adara software for varying degrees of tissue contrast, edge enhancement and noise reduction.  

Adara SDK
Image Looks
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